A paralyzed student takes inspirational steps during his high school graduation to earn his diploma

Noble Haskell’s walk to receive his high school diploma wasn’t just the typical moment of pride usually associated with academic achievement. Instead, for a young man who has faced unimaginable challenges since 2021, each step has been a powerful progression in the face of adversity.

Haskell, who was a cross country athlete at Smoky Hill High School (Aurora, Colo.), was paralyzed in June 2021 after his car was rear-ended while returning from a road trip.

And while the accident left Haskell without the ability to walk, it didn’t leave him without the ability to bounce back.

His determination and consistent physical therapy changed the plot from heart-wrenching to heart-warming. And the next chapter was one of the best so far.

The saying “one step at a time” has rarely brought so much inspiration. But according to Noble Haskell, for those closest to him, the progress is not a shock.

“I think a lot of people who don’t know me were quite surprised, but some of my closest friends I’m sure weren’t. I’m sure they always knew,” he told CBS News.

And the “Outstanding Student of the Year” doesn’t stop.

According to the report, Haskell also holds a 5k run on June 10th to raise money for more treatment.

Beyond that? His ultimate goal…

“I keep doing what I have to do and keep fighting day after day, session after session, week after week until I finally get back to running again.” Haskell said. “It’s taken everything I’ve got to get here, but like I said, the job isn’t done and I’ve got more work to do and this is just the beginning.”

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