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A new behavioral health company called Lucet launched Thursday and aims to improve navigation to mental health services for health plan members.

Based in Overland Park, Kansas Lucet was born in 2022 merger between New Directions Behavioral Health, a provider of behavioral health solutions, and Tridiuum, a digital behavioral health company. Lucet combines New Directions’ expertise in mental health services with Tridiuum’s expertise in technology, said Shana Hoffman, president and CEO of Lucet.

The new company also unveiled its core offering called Navigate & Connect. Lucet client members begin with a screening to assess their behavioral health needs. They can also give their preferences based on language, ethnicity and more. The company’s care navigators are then able to directly schedule the member for care with a network clinician, whether it’s in person or virtually. The platform is integrated with provider systems, such as EHRs and practice management systems, allowing navigators to view provider availability. Meetings are usually scheduled within five days, Hoffman said.

“The main goal there is to work with health plans that are trying to get their members connected to behavioral health care and be able to be that behavioral health optimization company for those health plan partners,” she said.

Lucet also offers a 24-hour crisis support line for those who need immediate intervention. In addition, health plans can obtain real-time information on member demand, quality of care, outcomes, network offerings and efficiency.

The company already works with some Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans, including Florida Blue. Navigate & Connect proved successful for the payer, they said Chuck Divita, executive vice president of commercial markets, GuideWell and Florida Blue.

“Lucet’s Navigate & Connect solution has quickly led to a materially positive impact on our behavioral health offerings, and we expect the value and support it provides to our members will continue to expand over time,” Divita said in a news release .

Research shows that over half of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment. Even those who have access to care sometimes have to wait more than three months for an appointment. Lucet aims to change that by streamlining the process of navigating behavioral health, Hoffman said.

“If you have a person presenting with [behavioral health] need, you want to be able to close the loop on that member and connect them to care at that point,” she said. “You don’t want to pass them off somewhere.”

Looking ahead, Lucet is working to attract more health plan partners and increase the use of behavioral health among their members, Hoffman said.

“When we look at health plans, we think there should be a lot more people using behavioral health who would benefit from care,” she said. “We have goals within the organization to increase the use of behavioral health and get more members into care, especially members who have co-existing chronic conditions, where we see a huge benefit.”

Companies operating in a similar space as Lucet include Progress and Magellan Hello.

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