Bills' Isaiah McKenzie, a young fan, goes back and forth in a backflip battle

Preseason football is back, which means we finally get the touchdown return, interception and backflip contests.

Back somersault competitions?

This is true. Before kickoff of the Buffalo Bills’ game against the Denver Broncos on Saturday, Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie was challenged by a young fan wearing a Josh Allen jersey. Whose backflips are better?

After McKenzie easily matched the kid’s first backflip, the fan moved on to something a little more complicated: He spun into a flip. He failed to catch the touchdown, but it was still a gutsy attempt, not only in front of an NFL player, but in front of many fans in the stands watching the two do it.

McKenzie threw his jab and high-fived the kid.

The kid will have to keep working on his skills — hopefully he’ll get another chance to do those flips alongside a professional athlete soon. Getting up in front of the crowd was impressive as it is.

Such interactions are among the funnest parts of preseason football. There are some plays on the field that can help coaches and the crowd get a sense of the newer players on their teams, but without the pressure of the real NFL season, players and fans can have more normal, fun interactions that don’t risk suspension of league competition. And that’s a memory this child can hold on to. Especially since the Bills won 42-15.


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