Booz Allen says a former employee downloaded employees' personal data

US Government Contractor Booz Allen Hamilton revealed that a former employee downloaded potentially tens of thousands of employees’ personal information from the company’s internal network.

The government and defense contractor said one of its employees, while still employed by the company, downloaded a report containing the personal information of “active employees as of March 29, 2021.”

A copy of the Booz Allen website archived in March 2021, the company is said to have 27,600 employees, many of whom are under contract to the US government, military and intelligence agencies and possess access to high-level security.

The notice said the report downloaded by the employee contained “your name, social security number, benefit, sex, race, ethnicity, date of birth, and US government security clearance eligibility and status as of March 29, 2021 Mr.

Booz Allen said the report containing the personal information was “improperly stored on an internal SharePoint site,” but did not say what circumstances led to the discovery of the data, only that it “recently learned” of the employee’s activities.

The data breach notificationfiled with the California attorney general’s office this week, it says the employee received the report on April 14, 2022. Booz Allen spokeswoman Jessica Klenk said the company learned of the exposure months later on Oct. 5.

The data breach notice said the now-former employee acted “in direct conflict” with company policies, but the company “does not believe the individual intended to misuse the personal information in the report to harm employees of Booz Allen.” It is unclear if the person has been charged with any crimes.

Updated with comments from Booz Allen.

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