Middletown cancels football season after more taunting videos surface

After a fight between eight students at a high school football game at Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Texas, two Fridays ago, the local school district changed its policy on students attending games.

According to a report by Scott Esslinger at 12News, all elementary and middle school students will now be required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. In a letter to parents, PAISD Superintendent Dr. Mark Porteri outlined the new rules, which go into effect this week.

“Beginning this Friday, September 16, 2022, all elementary and middle school-age children must now be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian at any district-sponsored event, such as athletics and fine arts events. The adult parent or guardian must remain at the event with the children. Elementary and middle school age children cannot be dropped off at events without an adult.

Students will also be required to carry a district-issued ID card.

Texas high school football was also in the news recently for a fight on the field that escalated into a wild brawl, it was all caught on video.

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