Celonis can now map multiple processes and present them in a subway-style map

Selonis has made a big impact since it launched in 2011, raising $2.4 billion along the way. His latest investment, a $1 billion increase in Augustwas valued at US$13.2 billion after the money, the kind of money that you we haven’t seen each other in 2022.

The company has built its reputation primarily through the use of process mining software, discovering how work is done in a business and finding ways to make it more efficient. So far it has been doing pretty well documenting one process at a time.

But today in Celospherethe company’s annual customer conference, announced a major breakthrough in what the technology has been able to do: it introduced a new product called Process Sphere, which shifts the product from a single process to more complex cross-departmental, multi-process ones.

Alex Rinke, the company’s CEO and co-founder, says the new approach makes the entire mining experience much more powerful.

Map of the metro Celonis process

Image Credits: Selonis

“We always talk about a single process like audits, invoices or procurement, whatever the process is. We said, “how can we reinvent this and take it to the next level”? And so we’ve built a new processing technology that’s very revolutionary and allows you to look at multiple processes at the same time, because a lot of times you have a lot of friction at the interface between say your sales process and your shipping process, or your shipping process and your billing process [and this allows you to see all that in a single view],” Rinke told TechCrunch.

They created a very compelling visual interface to display the various processes; it looks a lot like a subway map, but instead of showing switching stations, it shows points in a process where it switches to a second or third process.

“We call it a subway map, and each process looks like a subway line, and you’re looking at the subway map of your business, you can zoom in and out and just look at specific lines. And it’s a really, really powerful engine, and we’ve put a lot of work into making it clear and simple,” he said.

He added: “It enables a lot of use cases, whether it’s in commerce, whether it’s in supply chain, whether it’s in financial operations, because you can understand what’s happening across the business at the intersection of multiple business processes .”

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