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Centene Charitable Foundation and its New Mexico subsidiary, Western Sky Community Care, announced Wednesday that they have allocated $3 million to One Albuquerque fund for his project to support people experiencing homelessness.

The project is called “The Gateway,” which will create a new health center in Albuquerque and have emergency overnight beds. It will also feature case management services, a 24-hour reception area for first aid, medical sobriety and medical respite. The last one refers to care for people experiencing homelessness who are too sick to be on the street but not sick enough to be in hospital.

The portal will be completed in phases, with the first phase expected to be completed in the spring of 2023. This will include the Emergency Housing Program and the Engagement Center, which will be able to care for 200 older women annually. It will have 50 emergency overnight beds and provide 90-day transitions to housing. The first phase will also feature a 24-hour reception area for first aid, which will be able to handle up to 1,500 transports per year.

“The Gateway Project focuses not only on providing safe, decent, emergency shelter to the homeless, but also offers comprehensive services to help transition to stable permanent housing,” said John Dinesman, executive vice president of external affairs at Centene Corporation, a managed care organization.

There is a need for such a center, research shows. More than 1,300 people in Albuquerque are sleeping rough or in shelters, according to the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Focusing on factors in the community that contribute to an individual’s overall health, known as the Social Determinants of Health, is directly related to Centene’s philanthropic pillars and approach to community investment seen across Centene’s geographic footprint,” Dinesman wrote in an email. .

He added that Centene plans to invest in similar community projects down the line.

Other health care companies have also taken steps toward housing and helping those who have become homeless. In 2021 SCAN Health Plan
launched Health in Action, a medical group that provides health care to the homeless population. UnitedHealth Group and CVS Health, which owns Aetna, have also made big investments in housing.

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