Cruel Trick: This fake injury trick led to an easy touchdown

“All wars are based on deception.”

So said Sun Tzu in his timeless strategic bestseller The Art of War, read worldwide by generals and some high school football coaches, apparently.

This past weekend, a trainer came up with a pretty sneaky trick that made a breakthrough Sports center NEXT. Watch this player limp to the sideline, feigning injury – only to break into the end zone when the ball was snapped and score an easy, uncontested touchdown.

Some fans will no doubt cry foul and say that this level of sport shouldn’t be this way. It is what it is though. These types of plays only work when the opposing coach hasn’t prepared his team properly.

That being said, we understand where they’re coming from: it’s a cheap tactic and usually the sporty Predator probably won’t approve.

Isn’t that what really matters?


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