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Narrowing down our top company for Delta 8 THC in 2021 was no easy task. We had to wade through slow websites and try our way through tasteless products. We reviewed lab reports and pulled out answers to our customer service questions.

At the end of the day, we were bruised, battered, tired, and found ourselves reaching for relief, grabbing a pack of Delta 8. Then it dawned on us: Our favorite 2021 Delta 8 THC brand wasn’t hidden behind firewalls or lost in the pile of lab reports with coffee stains. It was the one in our hand.

How did we choose our best Delta 8 brand for 2021?

Outside of realizing our favorite Delta 8 THC brand simply through our own desires and actions, we used a series of questions to narrow down our top picks before finally zeroing in.

How does the brand feel?

The feel of the brand is much more than the tactile sensation of handling their products, although we do take many tactile sensations into account. For example, we check:

  • The feel of the packaging
  • How the product is held in the hand
  • Feeling of the product in the mouth; for example with food products or tinctures

But brand perception can begin long before the consumer has a physical product to handle. There is a good chance that people will be introduced to brands at exhibitions or conferences. So is the brand actively part of the community? If so, how do they present themselves in person? That personality and feel often extends to all physical establishments, but there’s more.

Brands project their personality and feel online. Some go hard on social media while others use gorgeous websites and online storefronts to sell their products. We appreciate a beautiful online experience, especially in 2021 when so many consumers still don’t walk into retail outlets.

How effective are the Delta 8 products offered?

Speaking of 2021, we want to know how well the Delta 8 THC products are performing. We need relief from the previous year and potentially as we move into the future. So we looked for a company with effective Delta 8 products that last a long time.

Of course, the efficacy of the Delta 8 THC product does not depend solely on how well it provides relief. We don’t seek relief if we have to stuff our noses to get it. We are also looking for an aromatic experience. We hover around the delightful Delta 8 THC products like bees around flowers, and when we finally pounce on a dose, we want fragrant, delicious relief.

What x-factor does Delta 8 bring to the table?

Any company that wants to really break into the Delta 8 THC space is up against other companies that were previously well-established CBD and recreational cannabis companies. This can make it difficult to get it in the user’s eyes. So some companies bring an x-factor that is not found elsewhere. What can we find in a company that gives it that exceptional x-factor? We asked ourselves that question as we scoured the industry for our 2021 Top Picks for Delta 8 THC.

Why did we choose Everest as our favorite Delta 8 THC brand for 2021?

When we were exhausted from trudging through a mountain of decisions to make while pitting Delta 8 THC companies against each other, we found ourselves reaching for D8 relief. What we got our hands on were our top picks for 2021: Everest.

So why did we pick Everest as our Best Delta 8 THC Brand for 2021? We found that:

  • They have a wonderful website design, functional structure and easy to use online shopping experience
  • Their customer service is easy to interact with, knowledgeable and courteous
  • Their products are well constructed and feel sturdy and modern in the hand
  • Their Delta 8 THC gummies are incredibly tasty
  • Potency: Their products are some of the highest THC single-dose edibles on the market
  • Color: Their products match their website, right down to the tire itself
  • Efficiency: Everest’s Delta 8 brings complete relief
  • Sustainably Sourced Hemp: Everest uses organic farming methods to grow its hemp in the USA
  • Fully tested products let us know that we are eating something healthy
  • Vegan Delta 8, created with pure ingredients and no preservatives
  • Their tinctures are strong, with a refreshing mint flavor

With all the positives, it was hard to pick one thing we like best about Everest’s Delta 8 THC.

What do we love most about Everest?

Our love story with Everest began when we first met them. We loved their style and color. Their simple yet elegant nature caught our attention. They are stylish without being ostentatious. They’re luxurious without being too flashy. We couldn’t help but be drawn in by how they performed.

We then talked to them, bought from them, and found ourselves about to open our first container of blue raspberry gummies, with 20mg of Delta 8 THC in each piece. We love the feel of the packaging because it felt so contemporary; it was firm and had a nice texture. We broke it open and smelled the sweet delights with happy noses. As we quickly dived in and took our first bite, the aroma burst upon our taste buds and satiated our sweetest sweet tooth.

In what seemed like no time at all, the active ingredients kicked in with a clean, pure sensation. Relief enveloped us like a blanket and enveloped us for hours. So it should come as no surprise that when we finally finished researching our best Delta 8 company for 2021, we fell back into the winner’s arms.

How to Infuse Everest’s Delta 8 THC Products into Your Daily Routine

If we’ve inspired you to join our love story with Everest, we want you to get off to the right start. Each of their Delta 8 gummies and tinctures taste great and provide a full cannabinoid-filled dose that lasts most of the day.

Overall, Everest’s Delta THC 8 products are something we can use all day, every day. that’s why Everest is our top pick for Delta 8 THC companies in 2021.

One more note: Be aware that Delta 8 hemp-derived products are not yet legally available in every US state, so check your state laws before attempting to purchase.

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