Here are the industries ripe for innovation under the Deflation Act

With a month in hindsight, we get a better idea of ​​what the Deflation Act will mean for the US economy and the climate technology sector itself.

The new law surprised many, both in the climate technology field and elsewhere. Few had thought comprehensive climate legislation it was possible. The final bill wasn’t as comprehensive as some had hoped, but it did create a series of incentives that promise to boost innovation and manufacturing across the U.S. economy.

Although many pixels are illuminated over the extension and expansion of tax credits for electric vehiclesthis is an important provision! — some of the biggest changes are likely to come from the myriad incentives the law offers homeowners and property investors to retrofit their buildings.

In my conversations with founders over the past few weeks, almost all of them said that the IRA, as it is now confusingly known, has provided significant tailwinds to their businesses. Part of this optimism and confidence stems from the fact that the IRA is approaching electrification and energy efficiency from different angles, giving the market a wave of supply-side signals that should support later-stage startups while stimulating new founders to get in the game.

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