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HLTH 2021

HLTH has always set high expectations for itself as a conference. Now in its fifth year, the event from November 13 to 16 at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas will feel more like a festival than in previous years. In a phone interview with HLTH’s Head of Content Jody Tropeanoshe said she and her team sought to emphasize diversity in both the arrangement of speakers and the mix of topics covered. This year’s content will have an expanded focus on health equity, women’s health, and wellness.

“We’ve been able to fine-tune the topics we cover and expand on areas that really interest attendees,” Tropeano said. “I think every year the agenda gets better and better.”

The conference will be in an open format in order to create a festival atmosphere, with eight stages within the massive exhibit hall where vendors and startups will exhibit and attendees will eat, drink and socialize. The idea is to combine the content of the conference with the exhibition and networking spaces so that there is better interaction between the attendees.

Jody Tropeano

“We’re hoping this will really boost the energy throughout the event, so that we have people attending sessions who maybe wouldn’t have done so in past years, and people visiting the exhibitor stands who wouldn’t have visited in previous years.” recent years,” Tropeano said.

This year the conference moved away from structuring the agenda with big topics. In previous years, there were 15 to 20 topics on the agenda, with sessions fitting back-to-back into each. The change aims to create a more flexible forum for presenting topics that are different from previous events, such as sexual health and wellness, sleep health, fertility and founder travel.

Conference speakers will include Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson, Delta Airlines Chief Health Officer Dr. Henry Ting and Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer.

One stage will be dedicated to presentations from healthcare leaders, another will feature panel discussions. There will also be a stage dedicated to the employer’s health experience, aimed at the chief people officer and welfare managers in companies. Another will highlight healthcare news to highlight the conference as a forum for breaking news and analysis, adding to the buzz of the festival. There will also be room for more unconventional content, Tropeano said.

The changes also help HLTH differentiate this conference from the ViVE conference, which debuted this year in March in Miami Beach. The conference reflects a more operational focus with conversations around health technology trends, policy and implementation. In 2023, it is planned to be held in Nashville from March 26-29.

“I like to say … if HLTH is the why, ViVE is the how,” Tropeano said.

Tropeano is particularly pleased with a new feature of the HLTH conference — WELL by HLTH. It is described on the website as an “event within an event” for health and wellness-focused participants looking for a platform to increase brand awareness and create opportunities for sustainable growth.” Companies participating span apparel, fitness, mental health /mindfulness, metabolic health and cardio-metabolic diseases, nutrition, longevity, sexual health, sleep health, psychedelics and food innovation.

“Consequently, both established institutions and emerging brands need to align to adequately address the shift in public behavior in seeking proactive self-care and begin to move away from a predominantly hospital care system,” Tropeano said.

“We’re really seeing a huge boom in the direct-to-consumer space in healthcare. Many new companies are entering the market. We will feature multiple D2C companies within applications, wearables, diagnostics, nutrition, etc. Attendees can hear about their unique models and why they decided to play their hand in the consumer market first. I think this is a huge trend and it will be interesting to see how the incumbents respond to it.”

Women’s health is also a big topic this year and the event will feature content on maternal health through menopause, fertility and family planning. The same is true of health equity and preventive health.

With a stronger emphasis on prevention over hospital care, people are taking their health into their own hands to learn about their individual risks and ways to limit unhealthy behaviors through home diagnostics and wearables,” Tropeano said. “I really hope we’ll see many more advances in personalized health and wellness with the consumer in the driver’s seat.”

Two years later, with the federal public health emergency still in effect due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the public health crisis continues to be part of the health care conversation, and Tropeano expects that to continue at HLTH. but in a different way than the past two events. She noted that the impact of the politicization of health care and science over the past few years will also be an important topic of conversation.

It will be exciting to see how Tropeano’s vision takes shape at the conference and influences the future direction of the annual event.

To learn more about the conference and register, Press here.

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