Immortal Game builds a web3 chess platform

Meeting An immortal game, a startup looking to turn chess into a web3 game with NFTs, play-to-win rewards, quests, marketplace, and more. Online chess has never been more popular and Immortal Game wants to take advantage of this trend to modernize the game.

The company has raised $15.5 million in two rounds, including a $12 million round in July. With this Series A round, TCG Crypto is leading the round, with Cassius, Greenfield One, Sparkle Ventures, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s 35V, Blockwall, Kraken Ventures and Spice Capital also participating.

Chess players can now access the Immortal Games platform on After creating your account, you can select four chess pieces from your inventory and start playing with someone else.

These chess pieces are designed by Immortal Game and represent traditional chess pieces such as pawns, bishops, knights, etc. If you win and manage to complete some side missions (like “Win with at least 1 of my remaining horses”), you get rewards.

But there is also a metagame. Special parts are also NFTs with varying levels of rarity. You can trade them on the Immortal Game market for ETH. The company also has Assistance Tokens (CMT), which you can get depending on your ranking on the leaderboard, and Management Tokens (IGE).

From this foundation, Immortal Game has ambitious plans with league tournaments and new game modes. Behind the scenes, the company uses Unchanged X as a level 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain.

“A tipping point has been reached in the adoption of blockchain technology for consumer gaming,” Immortal Game co-founder and CEO Thomas Zaepfel said in a statement. “Chess has been a game for centuries that has benefited from this technology, preserving its heritage while attracting a new group of players. We are thrilled to have the support of 50 Grand Masters as we continue to expand the reach of this amazing game.”

There are currently 20 people working on the Immortal Game. The company releases 30 new units per day. As of June 2022, the company has generated 200 ETH in transaction volume on its marketplace. There are 50,000 registered players with 5,000 active players per week.

That’s not a lot of people, which means there’s a lot of room for growth. Millions of people play chess on mobile apps and online sites. If Immortal Game can convince some of these players to try out their web3 chess platform, it could prove to be a lucrative business.

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