LeBron James reacts to Brony James' massive dunk

Brony James rose to fame thanks to his name, but over the past few years he’s become a more well-rounded player who is increasingly earning his status based on merit. James is rated a four-star prospect and is listed in the 247Sports Composite as the No. 43 prospect in the 2023 class.

On Monday, James threw what might be his most spectacular highlight reel to date. He raced down the court in transition, went around a defender to his left and then put his right hand over the defender’s head. The crowd at the California Club vs. U18 Florida Select team went wild.

On Twitter, LeBron James responded accordingly.

Most were impressed with the dunk, including Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, who has had his fair share of highlights at the rim during his NBA career.

Of course, some weren’t. Skip Bayless tweeted that Brony’s dad “would dunk him with his left hand” and that Brony “got away with it,” then it was surprised that he had backfired for allowing his hatred of James to pass to the next generation of the family.

Regardless, James showed up at Sierra Canyon for his senior year of high school. On 3 reported that Oregon, USC and Ohio State are the three schools actively recruiting the sharpshooter. He will have one more year to decide on college or an alternate path to the pros.


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