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Employers routinely adopt health benefits programs using health technology tools for their companies, but how can they motivate employees to use them to better manage their health needs? This is one of the many questions that the speakers will address at INVEST Digital Health Conference Sept. 28 at Pegasus Park in Dallas.

Tammy Sun, CEO and Co-Founder of Fertility of carrots participate in the panel discussion, Can tech tools help employers reduce healthcare costs?
In response to emailed questions, Sun said one way to improve the engagement of healthcare workers is to understand their path to healthcare.

“Find the most meaningful health care moments in your employees’ lives and start there. Use these moments as a springboard for greater engagement more broadly. Fertility health care, for example, is one of the most important areas of health care that someone will use in their lifetime. Invest in programs that matter and meet people where they are.”

Sun also stressed that suppliers should provide clear communication strategies.

When asked how technology providers can help employers achieve their goals, she had this to say:

“Put your customer at the center of your universe. Impressive tools and technologies are only useful if they serve the people who need to use them. At Carrot, the customer is always our central point of empathy. We put ourselves in their shoes and it helps make everything else clearer.”

Other speakers on the panel include:

  • Christina Speck, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Products, Blue Cross Blue Shield RI (moderator)
  • Dan Hartman, CEO, Morgan Health | JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Emily Heinemann, Director of Account Management, TytoCare
  • Morgan McHugh, Vice President, Customer Success, Recognition

To see the full agenda, follow this link.

The INVEST Digital Health conference will also address topics such as behavioral health, pharmacy benefit management, the healthcare financial journey and the healthcare Metaverse. The conference will conclude with the Pitch Perfect startup pitch competition, pitching eight startups.

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