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Digital health company NourishedRx announced It launched a new nutrition benefits management platform on Google Cloud on Monday, allowing it to provide personalized nutrition support to health plan members.

Based in Stamford, Connecticut NourishedRx is a food-as-medicine company that offers dietary assistance to health plan members through methods such as medically personalized meals, grocery support and dietary education. His clients include Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. It also has several grocery partners — like Instacart and local kitchens — to offer its services.

NourishedRx’s platform uses Google Healthcare API, which enables the exchange of data and information between the company and its nutrition partners, its health plan customers and members. Health plans can share information about their members, such as their diagnoses and where they live, and NourishedRx is able to provide information about the services it can provide. Members can communicate with the company through the app and provide information about their preferences and goals, and the company can share the foods they will receive and nutrition education. Meanwhile, food partners can provide what their weekly menu is and then the company can place orders with them.

“We have a two-way relationship with these three stakeholders,” Lauren Driscoll, CEO of NourishedRx, said in an interview. “We are able to collect data from all three stakeholders. It’s very powerful in terms of being able to really personalize food decisions, not only the actual food and the form of the food, but also what education the individual needs.”

For example, a health plan might provide insight into an expectant mother living in Minneapolis in a household of four. That member can communicate with NourishedRx and explain that she prefers Somali food, in which case the company can partner with a local Somali kitchen to meet her needs.

“We can work with the local Somali cuisine, our registered dietitians have worked with them to adapt the recipes,” Driscoll said. “As you can imagine, less sodium is really key and she really can’t tolerate eggplant because her lips tingle. So we went out of our way to make sure that the meals delivered to her from the Somali kitchen did not contain eggplant. Then we also provide shelf-stable groceries as well as fresh produce that is sourced from local [community supported agriculture] for the rest of the household.”

The benefit of having a platform on Google Cloud is the ability to provide personalized nutrition to a large group of people, Driscoll added.

“For centuries, people have been trying to address hunger and get healthy food to people, but to do it at scale at a workable cost, you really need the technology to facilitate that and optimize customization,” she said.

NourishedRx has four different products for members. The first is a chronic illness nutrition program that provides nutritional and educational services and connects members to community-based services. It also has a health equity program in partnership with Medicaid plans in which the company focuses on pregnancy-related nutrition. The third product is a nutritional benefit manager where NourishedRx works with the health plan on their existing benefits and helps them optimize those benefits. Finally, the company offers a product called A Healthy Dose Delivered. This is in partnership with the aging-in-place marketplace healthAlignand offers members a monthly meal package (such as ready meals, meal kits or groceries) delivered to their homes.

Other food and nutrition companies include Seasonal health, FarmBox Foods and Epicure.

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