Open source startups have a natural growth model: PLG

Growth tracking and the incidence of open source startups has been a long-standing TechCrunch project. This column has joined the fun in the past few yearsmarking what appeared to be a rising tide of startups building open source projects that they later monetized.

BuildBuddy build your service to work with Bazel, an open source version of the Google Blaze developer tool, to pick an example from our coverage. Airbyte created its own open source code that it is monetization to emphasize another. The trend of startups building open source code and then building a business on top of it, or doing the latter while contributing to an existing open source base, is now common enough that we published essays on TechCrunch+ strictly dealing with how to build open source startups. Hell, it’s the topic it’s even been popping up in crypto circles lately.

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Software companies based on open source code have actually become so normalized today that we’ve seen several companies go public after building with the model. Confluent was one. Hashicorp was another.

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