Plain is a new customer support tool with a focus on API integrations

Meeting Ordinary, a new startup looking to reinvent support tools. While the customer support space is a competitive industry with big tech companies like Intercom and ZendeskPlain believes in a different approach as it focuses on API integrations to make your company’s product and your support platform work hand in hand.

Plain raised a $6 million seed round co-led by Connect Ventures and Index Ventures. Many business angels also participated in the round, such as Soleio, Allison Pickens, Nicolas Dessaigne, Matt Robinson, Mike Hudack and Zack Kanter.

According to Plain, a big problem for customer support agents is that there is a disconnect between products and support tickets. They often have to move back and forth between several backend tools. Even when there are some data synchronization integrations between the support tool and the product data, the information is usually not synchronized because it is not retrieved in real time.

While major customer support platforms offer APIs and many customization options, development teams often have different priorities and can’t spend too much time on internal tools. This is especially true for support tools, as they often do not interact directly with these tools.

Plain’s API strategy works both ways. First, Plain can display live customer data in Plain directly. It makes calls to the backend to get relevant information such as subscription status, current plan name, some usage metrics, etc. Data is cached and deleted after some time. If you revert to an old ticket, Plain fetches live data again.

Second, Plain is highly customizable when it comes to integrating support actions into your product. It doesn’t have to be a chat popup in the lower right corner of the website. Developers can customize the user interface and create new interactions, such as early access requests, product feedback features, and native contact forms.

The startup is trying to make it as painless as possible to start using Plain. The idea is that it shouldn’t slow down development teams. The company believes that getting started with Plain is as easy as building a Slackbot.

“The main problem we solve is context: Plain offers a single source of truth about customer interactions, powered by companies’ own systems and data – so when someone comes in contact with a problem, the company immediately knows who they are, what their order is what has happened so far – and they can resolve it with one click,” co-founder and CEO Simon Rohrbach said in a statement.

Plain doesn’t have the same experience and integration ecosystem as Intercom and Zendesk. But its API-first strategy is interesting, especially if you’re a startup building a modern product with lots of API endpoints.

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