Social News of the Week: Week 2 Highlights

Another trio of social media highlights featuring all the shakes, jukes and punches?

Here’s the social buzz that caught the attention of the USA TODAY High School Sports team heading into another week of action…

Richard Dandridge of Homestead (FL) leads with an ankle-crushing display of agility complemented by impressive speed.

The Chris Johnson Jr. clip? We had to check the controls to make sure it wasn’t stuck in fast forward mode. (No surprise, the Dillard (Fla.) standout took the Florida 3A track gold in the 100 and 200 meters.)

Finally, we have Texas commit CJ Baxter (Edgewater High School), who hit the brakes and appeared to make all 11 defenders miss at one point during his epic run to the end zone. And he sticks the landing too!

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