Starlink adds 1TB monthly soft cap for home users

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet has included unlimited bandwidth from launch, and while the service will technically continue to provide this to customers, users who exceed 1TB of data usage in a month will now be capped once they reach that threshold.

Starlink sent an email to users in the US and Canada on Friday outlining the new so-called “fair use” policy, which describes how home users will start each month with “Priority Access” and then continue to get coverage with “Basic Access” for the remainder of the monthly billing period if they pass that 1TB threshold.

Basic access means that they will be ‘deprioritized’ in terms of usage, meaning they will get slower speeds than priority access customers when there is heavy network use. Starlink also notes that data used between off-peak hours, specifically between 11pm and 7am, will not count towards this monthly 1TB priority pool.

The company is also introducing data usage monitoring through user account pages so people can track how close they are to the soft cap.

Third party network analysis firm Ookla noted that Starlink’s media speeds have decreased in every country where it’s currently available over the past year. Ookla cited user growth as the main reason for the overall decline. Starlink is apparently looking to improve the situation by throttling a large number of users, which it says represent less than 10% of its current subscriber base.

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