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Science Near Me is a one-stop website for all kinds of opportunities to explore science and learn new things in your area. With just a few clicks, you can find activities perfect for kids, adults, families and more from organizations in your community.

We partner with many science organizations across the country, such as museums, discovery centers and science festivals, to bring you the best science opportunities. And now a new feature makes exploring the science around you even easier. With our new online personalized exchange, the local and community organizations we work with can use Science Near Me’s personalized Opportunity Finder and adapt it to their own websites to highlight activities happening in their own backyards. And the analytics provided by Exchange offer new insights for partners to tailor future capabilities in their fields.

Parterres like Alabama STEM Council now have the Science Near Me search tool built right into their own websites full of opportunities from their fields. Scrolling through the easy-to-use app on their STEM Near Me page, you’ll find great science events for free STEM field trips by nonprofit Southern Research, science enrichment activities for children K-8 by STEM for Huntsville Youth and citizen science projects for catalogs Alabama’s biodiversity from the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

STEM Near Me Exchange on the Alabama Stem Council website.

“The real goal is to connect Alabamians with STEM learning opportunities not only at the state level, but also at the local level,” said Lawrence Cooper, STEM Program Manager for the Alabama STEM Council.

Add Exchange is easy and open for any STEM organization and they come with options to customize the interface for any website. Organizations can also add an optional “Add Opportunity” feature so that local organizations can add their own events at any time. And Exchange collects analytics about interactions that you can use to improve their own outreach efforts.

Cooper says the Alabama STEM Council sees the exchange not only as an important tool to get Alabamians interested in science, but also as a way to foster a broader STEM ecosystem for the state.

To that end, Science Near Me includes a suite of data analytics tools for Exchange vendors to help them see how people interact with Exchange capabilities. Organizations can see the landscape of opportunities, see where participants are researching from, and what user engagement patterns are emerging. This allows STEM organizations to see where there may be geographic or thematic gaps and to find ideas for collaboration between existing events and programs to strengthen the STEM ecosystem in their area as a whole.

“It’s not just a calendar of events, it becomes a living, breathing directory for communicating with various stakeholders in our state,” he says.

Interested in adding a partner exchange to your site to showcase STEM in your area and become a local or regional hub where people can easily find ways to do science? Contact the Science Near Me team today!

Scientific events from our partners

Many Science Near Me partners have already created their own exchanges, each featuring events and activities unique to their region or focus. For example, the website for Wisconsin Science Festivalheld every October, includes projects such as IceWatch USA and on Wisconsin Rare Plant Monitoring Program which allow the science-curious to study their condition throughout the year.

STEM Exchange on the Nation of Makers website.

At A nation of creatorsyou can find practical engineering and computer science programs by EiE at the Boston Museum of Science, each month technical workshops and mentoring for girls and gender-expansive youth from ChickTech and creating workshops light pollution monitoring circuits from the North Carolina STEM Center. And the Maine Discovery Museum The science around me The exchange includes features such as Time for nature in the museum.

Find activities for you and your family with science near me

The Exchange is powered by the Science Near Me Opportunity Finder and the wealth of opportunities it contains to engage with science in local communities across the country. There are countless ways to get involved in science, no matter where you are, and thanks to partner organizations involved in their region’s STEM ecosystem, we can give you information about them all.

Finding fun and educational things to do starts with Searching for opportunities at Home Science Near Me, where you can search by location, time frame, price, age and more to find activities perfect for you. If you create a Science Near Me account, you’ll get access to even more personalized options, as well as the ability to save things you like for later.

This includes online activities such as Virtual herbarium expeditions from the New York Botanical Garden, monthly talks by scientists and science quizzes from Homewood-Flossmoor Science Pub and shows in the planetarium at the Hallstrom Planetarium in Florida.

Science Near Me is always adding new events and opportunities to get involved in STEM. No matter where you are, there is something for you. Start searching!

If your organization offers events, projects, or programs that invite the public to get involved in STEM, add it to Science near me!

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