Team California wins the championship without completing a pass all season

After a practice in which a Texas high school football coach had players do 300 to 400 push-ups in a one-hour period without water breaks, multiple students were hospitalized and the coach was placed on administrative leave, according to Dallas Morning News.

A letter from Rockwall-Heath’s principal, obtained by the news outlet, confirms that head football coach John Harrell has been placed on leave following practice in the eighth-grade athletics class he teaches. The letter stated that several students “required medical attention and, in some cases, hospitalization.”

One parent who spoke to the news outlet said her son did 300 to 400 push-ups, while two different parents said the number was over 350.

The parents cited at least eight hospitalizations, including one for a child who was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of damaged muscle that can lead to kidney damage or failure and other severe outcomes.

Harrell has been with Rockwall-Heath since 2019 and was promoted to head coach in January 2022. In his first season at the helm, the team went 7-5.

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