The best tech deals for Black Friday 2022

You blinked and that’s it, inexplicably, almost Black Friday again.

Should you buy a bunch of stuff just because it’s on sale? Probably not! Can you use it as an opportunity to save some money on things you already wanted? Absolutely.

We don’t aim to be exhaustive with our Black Friday tech review. Instead, we’re just trying to highlight some deals on gadgets and gear that we’d recommend even at full price.

Before we dive into the trades, we always want to start with a few tips:

  • If you buy from Amazon, use a historical price tracker like camel camel camel to determine if the sale is really a sale or if the price was just temporarily raised yesterday for the appearance of a discount today.
  • Make sure you’re really buying what you think you’re buying. Retailers like to sneak last year’s model into the sale mix to clear inventory. Now last year’s model can be great! Just know what you’re getting.
  • Similarly: for things like TVs, it’s not uncommon to see older panels repackaged under new model numbers. If this TV model didn’t exist a few months ago and is somehow available at a huge discount, be curious.

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An apple

Apple logo

Image Credits: Emmanuel Dunant/AFP/Getty Images

If you want to buy directly from Apple, the company offers gift cards of varying value with hardware purchases — up to $75 when you buy AirPods, $50 with iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch or $250 with Mac. (Note that unlike many retailers, Apple’s Black Friday deal doesn’t start until the actual Black Friday.)

Apple Watch: Amazon has Apple Watch Series 8 (latest model) to $349 (regularly $399) and the new Apple Watch Ultra up to $739 (regularly $799).

AirPods: Walmart has the latest AirPods up to $150 (regularly $170), and Amazon has the latest AirPods Pro up to $199 (regularly $250).

IPad: Target has 2021 10.2″ iPad 64GB up to $270 (regularly $330), while Amazon has the latest iPad Pro up to $1,000 (normally $1,100).

AirTags: Amazon has a 4 packs of AirTags up to $80 (regularly $99.)


Amazon sign

Image Credits: David Ryder/Getty Images

If you want to pick up an Amazon device like a Kindle or an Echo speaker, Black Friday is usually the best time to do it.

Kindle: They are water resistant (and quite exceptional) Kindle Oasis to $255 (regularly $350) or $185 (regularly $280) for the version which has ads on the home screen.

Amazon Echo: The last one Echo Dot costs up to $25 (regularly $50) and comes with a free Philips Hue bulb OR six months of Amazon Music Unlimited. If you want one of the Echos with a built-in display, they’re all there 50-60% off.

Fire TV: Very hard Fire TV Stick 4K down to $25, usually $50.


Black Friday 2022 Apple Gadgets

Image Credits: Google

Like Amazon, Google also tends to heavily discount its own hardware on Black Friday.

Chromecast: The last one Chromecast 4K with remote down to $40 (regularly $50). If you don’t need 4K, the HD-only model is marked down to $20 (regularly $30).

Pixel phone: The Pixel 7 down to $500 (normally $600) while Pixel 7 Pro down to $750 (regularly $900).

Nest devices: The Nest Learning Thermostat is down to $179 (regularly $249.) If you still don’t want all the automated “learning” features (which, frankly, are hit or miss), the more manual (but still WiFi-connected) Nest thermostat is super cheap at $90 (regularly $130.). All Nest speakers and smart displaysmeanwhile, they are currently half off.


Black Friday 2022 Roku Gadgets

If the Google/Amazon/Apple streaming devices aren’t doing it for you, the Roku gear is also discounted right now:


Black Friday 2022 Backbone Gadgets

Image Credits: Spine

Very hard Backbone One Gaming Controller for iPhone down to $75 (regularly $100.)

Alas, the deal is only for the iPhone model and doesn’t seem to include the just-released version of Android (USB-C)..


Black Friday 2022 Sonos Gadgets

Sonos sometimes sits Black Friday, but this year they brought out some deals.

The Sonos One the speaker is down to $175 (regularly $220); they also offer a two-pack, but the price/savings per speaker remains the same.

If you’re looking for one of their soundbars, the smaller version, the Sonos beamdown to $360 (regularly $450), while the higher-end large Sonos Arc down to $719 (regularly $900).

Nintendo Switch

Black Friday 2022 Nintendo Switch Gadgets

Image Credits: Nintendo

We haven’t seen any particularly mind-blowing deals for the Nintendo Switch this year yet. That’s especially true if you’re looking for a deal on the recently released OLED model, which seems to be going for its usual price of $350 everywhere we look.

The best deal this year seems to be this package — still costs the usual $300, but they include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (regularly $60) and 3 months of Switch Online (regularly $8.)

where you i can find some deals on Switch but it’s for really good games. Walmart has Mario Party Superstars, Breath of the wildand Animal Crossing: New Horizons all under $30 (regularly $60.)

Sony Playstation

PS5 and controller.  Black Friday 2022 Gadgets

Image Credits: Devin Coldway / TechCrunch

Finding the Playstation 5 in stock is still random, so there aren’t many deals on the console itself this Black Friday.

However, if you’re looking for another controller, Gamestop has it PS5 controllers down to $50 (regularly $70.)


Black Friday 2022 Xbox Gadgets

Image Credits: Microsoft

There are two versions of the latest generation Xbox console — Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. You can read about difference between the two herebut the gist of it is that the Series X has a disk drive and is more powerful all around.

We’re only seeing deals on the Series S model (read: the less powerful) this year, with Amazon taking on the price dropped to $240 (Usually $300.)

Gamestop has Series X/S Controllers up to $50 (normally $60), and Microsoft itself is offering upwards of 30-50% off games like Deathloop, Gotham Knights, Red Dead Redemption 2 and NBA 2K23.

Streaming apps and services

We’re not seeing any deals from Spotify or Netflix this year, but the competition has some offerings:

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