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The Channel Islands High School (California) baseball team faced an extremely dire situation in late April. According to a story by the local ABC affiliate, the door to the team’s clubhouse was broken in and the perpetrator(s) made off with bats, gloves and other assorted baseball equipment worth a total of $6,000.

As unfortunate as the incident is, this story does have a silver lining.

The Channel Islands team had two games remaining on their 2023 schedule and received an assist from their opponents. Both Rio Mesa and Oxnard high schools donated equipment for them to use during their games.

The team’s head coach Ronnie Marin had this to say about the gesture: on ABC.

“It was really humbling that they just gave it to us before the game started so all the kids were happy and used it during the game…”

Channel Islands beat Rio Mesa 3-2, but ended their season with a 10-3 loss to Oxnard, ending the season at 6-14-1.

The theft of the equipment is still under investigation, and the team is raising money to replace what was taken.

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