'The Last of Us' actor, deaf young hockey player meets Alexander Ovechkin in heartwarming video

Keivonn Montreal Woodard’s Emmy nomination for his role as Sam Burrell on the HBO show The last of us was notable for multiple reasons: he is the youngest actor to receive an Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series nomination, the second-youngest Emmy nominee in history, and the first black deaf actor to be nominated, according to Diversity.

But anyone keeping a close eye on updates probably learned about it before the young actor. You see, the 10-year-old was at a basketball camp, so it took a while to break the news.

In an interview with Diversityco-creator and showrunner Craig Mazin said he spoke with Montreal Woodard’s mother.

“(She) had no idea what was going on today. She says, “What? What happened?’ And she’s so excited and can’t wait to talk to Kayvon — who has no idea right now because he’s at basketball camp,” Mazin told the publication.

Woodard is rising as an actor, but his aspirations are actually in sports – and not basketball, but hockey. In February, a video of his charming interaction with Alex Ovechkin went viral.

So even though he’s become more famous by name, Woodard continues to do things kids do — like ignore news about basketball camp awards.

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