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Patient and consumer satisfaction is not just about better outcomes. It is largely about the financial journey they have to endure. IN INVEST Digital Health conference in Dallas at Pegasus Park on September 28, in collaboration with Hi Wildcattersthe patient perspective will be part of a series of digital health conversations around employee benefits and healthcare consumption.

Dera Howard, founder and patient advocate of the Saving Grace Epilepsy Foundation, will be part of a panel on navigating the healthcare financial journey. In response to emailed questions, she described what it’s like to have a lifelong chronic illness, especially the stress and anxiety of not only managing one’s own health, but also the medical bills and consequences it can incur.

“Honestly, I think medical bills are hard when you’re sick. Even more so when it happens unexpectedly. Since I started having seizures as a child, many of my bills fell on my parents. During that time, insurance companies didn’t cover me or it was too expensive to cover me,” Howard recalled. “As an adult, I never wanted to go to the hospital, even if I needed to. I understand that this is a bill that means more stress.

the panel, Improving the financial experience in health careit will also examine the costs of prescription drugs, hospital stays, and how to ensure that patients do not have to bear greater financial burdens while dealing with troubling illnesses or chronic conditions.

Other panelists, which are sponsored by Experian, include:

  • Adam Dakin, Partner, HealthTech, Dreamit HealthTech (moderator)
  • Jason Considine, Chief Commercial Officer, Experian Health
  • Dera Howard, founder and patient advocate, Saving Grace Epilepsy Foundation
  • Florian Otto, Co-Founder and CEO, Cedar
  • Adrian Rodriguez, Vice President of Quality and Safety, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC
  • Maria del Carmen Useda, Chief Surgical Sherpa, Surgical Sherpa

There will also be networking opportunities and a startup pitch competition Pitch Perfectwhich will focus on companies seeking to address healthcare pain points.

To see the full agenda, Press here.

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