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The increasingly important role of remote patient monitoring will be the focus of an upcoming webinar sponsored by the Huma, a global digital health company. Huma’s modular remote monitoring platform helps medical companies realize new value, from developing patient relationships to providing real-world evidence around perioperative procedures.

The webinar will highlight three aspects of remote sensing:

  • Real-world data collection
  • Enhancing patient engagement
  • Navigating the regulatory landscape

A recent report from Rock Health noted that only 50% of digital health companies collect real-world evidence. On the other hand, medical companies in general have not yet realized the value of digital health technologies. The webinar will also explore use cases in episodic care, diagnostic care, and chronic care.

Using data from connected devices as a way to help patients track and understand their condition better can improve the quality of their interactions with doctors. If patients with chronic conditions can see the cause and effect of their actions on their health, such as the effect of prescribed medications, treatments, and improvements in their condition, it can make them feel more in control of their disease. It can also help patients avoid depression, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve treatment adherence.

Webinar speakers include Sharram Sharif, Chief Business Officer of Huma, who will be joined by other medical experts. Additional panelists will be announced soon.

To register for the webinar, scheduled for September 20 at 1:00 PM ET, complete the form below.

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