VC fundraising gets weird as fall approaches

The first half from 2022 broke fundraising records at venture capital firms, but at the same time nearly everyone we spoke to was expecting fundraising to be delayed until the end of the year. And while it’s slowing down, fundraising is also getting really weird.

By weird I mean largely unpredictable. According to Carrie Harris, an attorney focused on corporate fundraising at Mintz, while fundraising remains relatively good overall — GPs still have the upper hand in negotiations with long-time doctors, which she sees as a good sign — it has slowed for many.

“I’ve seen an extension of the period from launch to initial fund close,” Harris said. “Fundraising takes longer.”

Data from PitchBook backs up Harris’ statement. Kyle Stanford, a senior analyst at PitchBook, told me that August fundraising data showed that Q3 fundraising will most likely be lower than Q2, which saw a sharp decline from Q1.

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