Гори, скъпа, гори.  Стартиращите финтех компании, фокусирани върху недвижимите имоти, усещат топлината – TechCrunch

We’re almost there stop before a long weekend here in the United States, but that doesn’t mean the tech market has given up on making news. And the news is not good.

After Snap Abbreviations and plenty of layoffs at startup, you’re probably not surprised that there’s bad news in the tech market. But today’s bad news is slightly worse than another round of obscure headlines – after manages to stabilizethe value of software stocks took more hits today.

For startups, falling share prices among their public peers can mean lower exit prices and less generous valuations when they raise funds. And as their public market brethren lose quarter after quarter, some of the biggest names in tech are doing it again.

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