Why the college football season was canceled for this Michigan high school

Algonac High School (Michigan) has decided to cancel its 2022-23 varsity football season.

Head coach Nick Matzka says there just weren’t enough players to field a full team, according to the Times Herald.

“The most we had was 12 (varsity players), and that’s not enough for one season. So we made a tough decision. Instead of pulling some sophomores who aren’t necessarily ready, we decided we should get rid of the varsity season. I never thought it would come to this. But here we are.”

Macka says he and his team have been hard at work recruiting. However, when it came time for their first practice (August 8), only six players showed up. Although they could call up freshmen and sophomores as in the past, he decided the younger players weren’t physically ready.

Algonac will still have a season for its junior varsity team, where Matzka and his staff will focus their efforts. They hope to have a varsity team ready for the 2023 season.

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