Charity, care, cost, expense

Charity, care, cost, expense

Traditional telehealth provided by people like Amuel, Teladoc and MDLive often leaves much to be desired, according to TytoCare CEO Dedi Gilad.

That’s why his company launched a new proposal Wednesday that promises to give providers and health plans a suite of products and services needed to run successful virtual primary care programs. In a recent interview, Gilad said the offering, called Home Smart Clinic, will be the first remote primary care offering that can address the ROI and care gaps that traditional telehealth offerings have.

“People can hardly see their own doctor in a virtual way, so they often have to rely on a doctor in the cloud. For some populations this may be fine, but most consumers want continuity of care. Healthcare is not like Uber,” he said.

Home Smart Clinic provides continuous care journeys to families in their home across care modalities including acute, preventive and chronic. The offering includes TytoCare’s handheld remote review and diagnostics suite, its AI-based insights platform and its suite of consumer engagement services.

The program is designed to be compatible with different provider models, such as family primary care physicians and cloud-based physicians. Home Smart Clinic can also be tailored to different patient populations, such as those covered by private or public health plans.

Some Home Smart Clinic users include MemorialCare, Spectrum Health and Elevance Helloaccording to Gilad.

He said one of the main reasons TytoCare launched this new offering was that healthcare organizations were not seeing enough value when launching virtual care programs.

“They’re not just looking for good technology or innovation. They want to see real savings, and in our economy they don’t have the budget to play around with trials,” Gilad said. “They want to see something that impacts their bottom line. And I think that’s the thing that the industry doesn’t talk about enough.”

TytoCare stands out because it is focused on user engagement and therefore has high usage rates, Gilad claims. He said that usage leads to efficiency.

He also said the company’s platform shows five to eight times higher usage rates than other virtual care providers. Average program utilization in the U.S. is 45 percent, while the industry average is in the single digits, according to Gilad.

These high utilization rates lead to value because they result in avoided emergency rooms, avoided urgent care and lower volumes of prescription drugs, Gilad pointed out.

TytoCare equips providers and health plans that adopt Home Smart Clinic with metrics to measure the success of the program. These DRIVE metrics include measures of diagnostic capabilities, retention, onboarding, visits and engagement.

By having these metrics, providers and health plans will be able to more easily see the return on investment they’re getting from the Home Smart Clinic, Gilad said.

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