YC's Michael Seibel clears up some misconceptions about the accelerator

Michael Seibel is synonymous with the growth of Y Combinator over the last decade.

He has an opinion on larger batch sizesa rising standard dealcompetition, the power of venture capital, and why startup founders should prioritize more than just checking in after Demo Day.

Seibel I spoke to TechCrunch’s Equity Podcastlandlord from Natasha Mascareñas and Alex Wilhelmregarding Y Combinator amid market changes.

He sees the institution that has backed thousands of entrepreneurs — some of whom have built billion-dollar companies — as a software play at heart. His perspective matters, as one of Y Combinator’s longest serving residents, he helps drive the selection process and prioritization.

The a whole conversation it’s now live wherever you find podcasts, so listen. Below, we have extracted four key excerpts from the interview to analyze further. The questions and answers have been edited lightly for clarity.

The future of the standard deal

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