YouTube TV update could let viewers watch up to four live shows at once TechCrunch

Google may be working on a few new features for its live TV service, YouTube TV. According to protocolthe feature is called “Mosaic Mode” and will allow viewers to watch up to four live streams simultaneously.

Google did not immediately respond to TechCrunch’s request for comment. The company declined to comment to Protocol.

If YouTube TV allows its subscribers to stream up to four feeds at once, dividing the screen into quadrants, it is likely that many viewers will find the feature useful, as it will allow them to watch several events at once.

Multi-viewing is especially popular among sports fans. FuboTV, a sports-oriented live TV streaming service, has a Multiview feature that allows up to four simultaneous streams. Before Sony’s PlayStation Vue service turn offthere was a similar function this was popular with users who wanted to stream multiple channels simultaneously.

The strategic move makes sense for Google. Nielsen reported that streaming surpassed cable viewers for the first time last month, with YouTube and YouTube TV taking the second largest share of total TV viewing.

Live TV streaming service is a cheaper option than cable. YouTube TV costs $65 per month and provides access to many major TV networks, national sports channels and cable news channels.

Also, YouTube TV has recently surpassed 5 million paid subscribers and “trial programs”.

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