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Good luck in value-based care requires significant technological and programmatic investment. Unfortunately, a lot federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) — secure network providers approved by the government to provide low-cost care — simply lack the scale and capacity to thrive in these care models.

Yuvo Health was founded last year to solve this problem. The startup gets a chance to achieve its goals in the event of an initiative announced on wednesday he will succeed. The New York-based company has partnered with Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) — a community development financial institution and nonprofit organization focused on advancing health equity — to jointly develop training programs and support resources to ensure that FQHCs are positioned for success in care programs based worth.

Under the partnership, Yuvo will provide these medical centers with administrative and managed care contracting services, and PCDC will work to ensure optimal provider engagement, said Yuvo CEO and co-founder Cesar Herrera.

Yuvo’s administrative services solution is designed to take the burden off FQHC teams so they can be more efficient and patient-focused. The startup handles back-end functions such as data aggregation and analysis, data analysis and reporting, risk adjustment, coding and care coordination. Yuvo also provides a managed contracting system that helps these accredited health centers access contracts tailored to their needs.

“Our partnership with Yuvo Health gives us access to their built-in scale and infrastructure to qualify for value-based care opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to us alone,” said James Powell, CEO of Long Island Select Healthcare, one of Yuvo’s FQHC partners. “We leverage their population health and broader managed services team every day—whether through specific quality initiatives, more efficient coding and documentation, or streamlined data systems integrations.”

Long Island Select Healthcare entered into its partnership with Yuvo to grow its hub in the world of value-based care while maximizing its revenue opportunities to better support its patients, according to Powell. To measure the success of this partnership, the center will track the payments of shared savings to improve quality, determine how much the total cost of patient care has decreased and evaluate how much patient capacity has increased, he said.

Yuvo Health’s mission is to support FQHCs like Long Island Select Healthcare to build their capacity so they can better serve the community, according to Herrera. Powell supports this mission and believes it is important when it comes to alleviating health care disparities in the U.S.

“FQHCs directly serve underserved and historically marginalized communities,” he said. “By providing access to additional sustainable revenue, Yuvo Health directly enables us to increase our services to more patients in our community, further filling the healthcare gap.”

In many communities, FQHCs are the only point of access to primary care for Medicaid-covered or uninsured people. Without these health services, low-income people would be faced with two options, either forgo care altogether or wait until their problem is severe enough to take them to an emergency hospital, Powell said.

“Neither option benefits the individual, the community or society as a whole,” he said.

In addition to Long Island Select Healthcare, there are three other FQHCs that Yuvo has begun providing its services to in central New York. Yuvo expects to expand its services in New York, the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic region in the coming years.

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