Google pauses payment requirement on Play Store in India after antitrust injunction

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Hello! You have one more day with just me before I take a well-deserved rest on Friday and Kyle fills up, so I decided to make an extra large version of the Daily Crunch. We hope many of you are hanging out with the crypto gang in Miami TC Sessions: Crypto. As you can see, several stories have already come out of it and I’m sure there are more.

Oh, and if you have 30 minutes to spare, I think you’ll love it Alex‘c an interview with some corporate communications experts about the ins and outs of working with startups and public companies. Also, check Hadje‘c Sateliot’s Pitch Deck Teardownwho has a lot going for him but needs last names for his team members.

Let’s dive into today’s news! — Christine

TechCrunch’s Top 3

Startups and VCs

More mergers and acquisitions in the field of cybersecurity are happening here as Ingrid reports that Palo Alto Networks buys Cider Security in a deal said to be valued at up to $300 million. It’s a move she writes has been rumored for a while, but now some things have fallen into place, including telling investors they’re making it more suitable to happen.

Mary Ann spoke to some crypto-focused venture capitalists, who told her they were already cautious when it came to putting their funds into cryptocurrency, but were now worried that the fallout from the FTX crash might make them more difficult to attract limited partners for future funds.

We have six more for you:

SaaS startups that ignored VC advice to cut back on sales and marketing fared better this year

Digitally generated image of a golden air balloon in the shape of a dollar sign inflated with a pump and flying on a white background.

Image Credits: Andrii Onufrienko (opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Many VCs have advised founders to cut their sales and marketing spend to stay on track this year. And as it turns out, many VCs have been giving the wrong advice.

According to data from Capchase, a fintech company that offers startups non-dilutive capital, “companies that did not cut sales and marketing spending were in a better financial and growth position now than those that had did when the market started to decline in 2022,” it reports Rebecca Shkutak.

Of the 500 companies surveyed, companies that were startups showed the strongest growth, said Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase:

“What we saw in this case, and what’s most interesting, is that the best companies actually reduced all other costs except sales and marketing.”

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

Please enjoy Brianis extremely large Actuator bulletin today, where he breaks down Boston’s tech scene, goes around the city, chats with Ty Brady, gets started with robotics, and takes a “field trip to some of Boston’s best startups.”

For those of you who like to tweet in threads, Twitter is working on a feature for you that will do just that automatic splitting of long text into a thread, Ivan reports. This move will reduce the need to break up all your carefully selected word vomit into 280 character segments.

Meanwhile, in Binance land, co-founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, spoke with Anita this morning at TC Sessions: Cryptoand Romain grabbed some of the highlights, including CZ’s thoughts on FTX: “We were the last straw that broke the camel’s back.” Then Manish took out some of CZ’s comments that refer to Binance Business Viability in India. Namely, there isn’t.

Today there are six more we thought you should read:

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