Google introduces conversation summaries to Workspaces Spaces Chats

Having trouble keeping your chat conversations going in your workspaces? Google feels your pain and is “excited to introduce you Google Chat summaries for Spaces messages.” Now your Spaces Chats will be summarized right in your Premium Workspace.

The problem, of course, is that while chats in spaces are perfectly fine for conversations, in larger workspaces these chat conversations can be difficult to maintain unless you’re always checking your spaces for new chat conversations.

You know the drill — you go into your workspace, click on your spaces, pull up chats, and your conversations are just too many and long to catch up! You can’t very well tell your Workspace Spaces interlocutors to stop chatting in your chats. Conversation is why chats exist, that’s why they call it Spaces! I mean chats!

Fortunately, Google is bringing its expertise in communication apps to fix this conversational crisis in your Workspace Spaces chats. Soon the messages in your conversations will be summarized right in your chats, spaces in workspaces! Selected premium workspaces, anyway.

Google puts a summary in your Premium Workspace Spaces chat conversations. Image Credits: Google

You read that right. The conversation summary of the messages in your Workspace Spaces chat will appear at the top of the chats within the spaces, summarizing all the unread chats in the conversation in the chats. Click on the Spaces chat summary and you’ll go straight to the conversation, even if it’s already visible and the conversation summary only summarized a few lines of the conversation in the chats.

If you use Spaces in your workspace and tend to have conversations in those Spaces’ chats, Conversation Summary in Google Chat might be just the thing to keep those chats summarized. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t seem to be available for Google Chat – which is to say regular Google Chat (ie the new one in your Gmail that it was Hangouts, possibly), only Google Chat for Spaces in Workspaces and (remember) choose Premium Workspaces when doing so. Definitely not messages in Meet. So you probably don’t have access. But it might eventually, if chats in Workspace Spaces still exist six months from now. (I’m checking this with Google.)

See the technical details of how the Google AI team quickly and efficiently summarizes conversations in Chats in Spaces in Workspaces right here. 🙂

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