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Magnesium comes in many forms, and there are thousands of supplement options on the market. So, which is the best for the ladies? In this guide, we’ve done the research on 16 of the best magnesium supplements on the market for women.

The Best Magnesium Supplements for Women

1. Elm & Rye Magnesium

Elm & Rye is a relatively new player in the supplement industry, but its products are turning heads everywhere for the quality of its ingredients, consistency of that quality, and the level of customer service that the company offers its customers. Elm & Rye is truly a second-to-none provider of the highest-quality supplements you can get your hands on.

Ingredients: Elm & Rye’s magnesium supplement is made from only the highest-quality magnesium and other vitamins and minerals. Fortified with all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, you can feel good about spending your money on this top-notch magnesium option.

Shipping Options: You can buy this magnesium supplement directly from, and pay a small fee for shipping. If you were to buy from a third-party site, you’d pay middleman costs plus shipping.

Cost: A 30-day supply of Elm & Rye’s magnesium costs just $50, and shipping is only a few dollars more.

Bottom Line: You deserve the best for your body, whether you’re fighting muscle aches, PMS symptoms, or a migraine. Elm & Rye offers a sustainable, affordable, and high-quality magnesium option that will make you a life-long customer.

2. Peak Performance 3 in 1 Advanced Magnesium Complex Vegan Capsules

Ingredients: Many Magnesium supplements have weak formulas with only 1 type of magnesium. With Peak Performance, you get 3 forms of Magnesium in one powerful supplement, with Magnesium L-Threonate, Magnesium Glycinate and Magnesium Taurate.

Shipping Options: You can purchase this product from, direct from Peak Performance, or subscribe & save on Amazon to get 5% off. 

Cost: A single bottle can be purchased for as low as $37.95 on Amazon, or subscribe & save to get 5% off. 

Bottom Line: Peak Performance produces a high quality Magnesium supplement that is vegan formulated and includes 3 powerful forms of Magnesium. You can earn 5% off by setting up recurring purchases with subscribe & save on

3. New Chapter Magnesium + Ashwagandha Tablets

Ingredients: Made with potent, all-natural magnesium and Ashwagandha root, this option provides plenty of benefits without sacrificing any quality in terms of ingredients.

Shipping Options: You can buy this product directly from New Chapter, or on most online supplement shops. It’s also available on Amazon with free shipping.

Cost: A bottle of New Chapter Magnesium + Ashwagandha Tablets costs between $14-$20, depending on the seller.

Bottom Line: New Chapter keeps things simple with the potency of rich, natural magnesium and the added health benefits of Ashwagandha. Plus, the price is as reasonable as it gets (unless you’re buying Nature’s Bounty).

4. BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex

BioEmblem is a brand committed to a GMO-free supplement experience, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Triple Magnesium Complex. Featuring a blend of 3 magnesium types with no added fillers, artificial ingredients, or colors, this is a great supplement for ladies who need to increase their magnesium intake without worrying about quality.

Ingredients: Featuring magnesium as glycinate, malate, and citrate, this Triple Complex is made from high-quality ingredients in convenient veggie caps. Each bottle contains 90 capsules and provides a potent dose of magnesium at 300mg per capsule.

Shipping Options: You can order BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex on Amazon to get free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Cost: A bottle of 90 veggie capsules from BioEmblem will cost you about $25, plus free shipping if you’re ordering on Prime. That’s about average for a potent magnesium supplement, and the free shipping increases its value.

Bottom Line: If you need something quick and simple, without the worry of GMOs, you need BioEmblem’s Triple Magnesium Complex. It’s potent, affordable, and the brand makes a pledge to never use GMOs in their products.

5. Klaire Labs Magnesium Glycinate Complex

Klaire Labs is well-known for science-backed supplements that really pack a punch. This magnesium glycinate complex contains only the highest-quality magnesium in an easily absorbed format for maximum potency and efficacy.

Ingredients:  The blend contains magnesium bisglycinate chelate and magnesium oxide, and all ingredients are sourced naturally and sustainably whenever possible. Klaire Labs maintains a position of quality and the strictest standards. They’re doing the research and finding new and better ways to bring you the same great products in more efficient and affordable forms.

Shipping Options: You can find Klaire Labs magnesium glycinate complex online from Klaire Labs’ website or at Wal-Mart and The Vitamin Shoppe. This product isn’t currently available on Amazon.

Cost: Depending on the seller, you could pay anywhere between $15-$25 for a bottle of 100 vegetarian capsules from Klaire Labs. Each capsule provides 100 mg of magnesium.

Bottom Line: Klaire Labs is a trusted supplement brand with a reputation for excellence. With real science behind the ingredients, you’re only getting the best experience when you buy Klaire Labs.

6. LiveWell MagWell

LiveWell is one of the supplement world’s most trusted brands, providing potent, high-quality supplements at a fraction of the cost of its competition. You can depend on LiveWell to keep the promise of quality and consistency, as they’ve done for years already. Just take a look at the company’s stellar reviews, and you’ll understand why this should be a prime choice in your supplement journey.

Ingredients: MagWell is one of the best magnesium supplements you can get because it also contains zinc and vitamin D3. These important vitamins and minerals help increase the efficacy of MagWell and provide the body with extra value from a single tablet. Each bottle comes with120 capsules, and the serving size is two capsules per day.

Shipping Options: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, MagWell is available to you with free shipping. If you’re not, you can order directly from LiveWell’s website, where you’ll pay a small shipping fee, or from third-party supplement/vitamin sites.

Cost: A two-month supply of MagWell costs about $20, but you can also choose to buy more than one bottle at once, which grants a discount of up to 13% per bottle, depending on how many you buy.

Bottom Line: MagWell is produced by a company with a reputation for excellence, and with the added benefits of vitamin D3 and zinc, this is a great magnesium product for anyone looking to supplement their diet.

7. BioBreakthrough By BioOptimizers

You can’t talk about great supplements and not talk about the BioOptimizers brand. Formed in 2004 by two people just looking to help others and improve their personal health, the company has grown to serve thousands of customers across the country since then. You’ll find high-quality ingredients and excellent customer service, and BioOptimizers is constantly doing research to improve its existing products and introduce new and potent supplements to the lineup.

Ingredients: BioBreakthrough magnesium is unique in that it contains all seven forms ofmagnesium. This proprietary blend makes the capsules even more potent, and the value you’re getting for your money even higher.

Shipping Options: BioBrakthrough Magnesium is currently unavailable on Amazon, so you’ll need to buy direct from BioOptimizers to get the best deal. Shipping costs a small fee from the website, but you’re supporting a small business instead of Amazon, and still getting immense value.

Cost: You can purchase one bottle of BioBreakthrough for about $40, or you have the option to subscribe to the brand’s delivery option, which can save you up to 12% (bottle costs about $35). Each bottle contains 60 veggie caps, or a two-month supply.

Bottom Line: BioOptimizers offers a unique and potent product with the quality guarantee the brand is known for. Combining seven types of magnesium makes it easier for the body to absorb, and you’re getting immense value for just $40 per bottle.

8. Nature’s Bounty Magnesium

You probably recognized that bottle, didn’t you? That’s because Nature’s Bounty makes hundreds of dietary supplements, and you can find the brand’s various options at retail, chain drug stores, and online at various vitamin and supplement stores. As one of the most common supplements in the market, Nature’s Bounty has created a name for itself by providing simple, high-quality supplements for incredibly low prices.

Ingredients: What’s in it? Only simple magnesium oxide. That’s it! Each capsule contains 500 mg of the potent form of magnesium, and every bottle comes with 100 capsules (a 100-day supply). That’s an incredible bargain for high-quality supplements.

Shipping Options: You can find Nature’s Bounty pretty much anywhere supplements are sold. Or you can head down to the grocery store or your local Wal-Mart, and you’ll likely find them there.

Cost: A bottle of 100 capsules costs less than $7 in most cases, and some stores carry the supplement for as low as $5 per bottle.

Bottom Line: Nature’s Bounty is well-known and loved for its simple ingredients and low prices. This is also one of the more accessible options on our list.

9. Natural Vitality CALM Magnesium Supplement

Ingredients: Sometimes, you just need a cold drink to soothe an aching head. With Natural Vitality’s CALM magnesium powder, you can get your daily dose of this important mineral in your favorite ice-cold drink. The powder is specifically designed to be more absorbable and potent, and it’s perfect for people who don’t like swallowing capsules. The powder contains only magnesium (as magnesium carbonate), with a potency of 325 mg per 4 grams of powder.

Shipping Options: This delicious drink mix is available almost anywhere supplements are sold, and you can get it from Amazon, too.

Cost: A one-pound container of this potent formula will run you about $20-$25 online.

Bottom Line: This makes an excellent alternative for those people who don’t like tablets and capsules, is affordable, and tastes great.

10. Essential Elements Magnesium

Essential Elements is one of those brands you don’t turn your nose up to. The brand takes special care to source only natural, raw, premium ingredients to submit to rigorous clinical testing before including them in any supplements. That means you get the best product possible. We’d like to think that’s something to brag about. The potency and quality of Essential Elements’ Magnesium (plus zinc) supplement is something you’ll come to appreciate, whether you’re a new or seasoned supplement user.

Ingredients: The only active ingredients you’ll find in Essential Elements’ magnesium supplement are magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D3. Every ingredient is sourced naturally and tested for potency.

Shipping Options: Each bottle contains 180 capsules. You can buy directly from the company’s website, and they even offer a discount for multiple bottles.

Cost: One bottle of magnesium capsules will cost you around $16 plus shipping. However, you also have the option to subscribe to a delivery service, which will send you 3 or 6 bottles every 3-6 months respectively. This can get you a discount of up to 13% per bottle.

Bottom Line: Essential Elements takes its ingredients and its responsibility to the customer very seriously, as reflected in the quality of the brand’s long line of dietary supplements. The subscription service offers flexibility as well.

11. Life Extension Magnesium Caps

Life Extension has been serving customers for years with awesome supplements. The brand provides supplements for everything from migraines to overall health and more acute problems like PMS symptoms. These magnesium caps are just one example of the fine ingredients and commitment to quality that separates Life Extension from the competition.

Ingredients: Each vegetarian capsule contains 500mg of premium, high-quality, natural magnesium as oxide, chelate, citrate, and succinate. Filler-free, GMO-free, and naturally sourced.

Shipping Options: You can get Life Extension magnesium caps on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members, or direct from Life Extension for a small shipping fee.

Cost: One bottle of Life Extension magnesium caps will cost you between eight and ten dollars.

Bottom Line: These magnesium caps offer potent, high-quality, natural magnesium in four forms. It’s also one of the more affordable supplements on our list, coming in at just under $10 per bottle.

12. Nature Made Magnesium

Ingredients: What’s in it? Nature Made is a brand that takes pride in its simple, all-natural ingredients. Every capsule contains 250 mg of potent, natural magnesium (as magnesium oxide). That’s it! There are no fillers, added ingredients, or extras—just the potent magnesium dose that we ladies need for cramps, migraines, and muscle aches.

Shipping Options: You can find Nature Made magnesium in major retailer stores like Wal-Mart and Target, and also in chain drug stores like CVS. However, one of the best ways to buy Nature Made magnesium is on the web through Amazon, which offers free two-day shipping.

Cost: Nature Made magnesium costs about $5 per bottle, and you’ll get a 100-day supply.

Bottom Line: Nature Made is one of the country’s most trusted and purchased supplement brands, and with 5-star ratings across the web, this supplement attests to the company’s commitment to quality and consistency.

13. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Spray

Ingredients: Don’t you wish you could get away from those capsules and tablets? You can with Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Spray. This easy-to-use spray contains only magnesium chloride in a convenient, easily absorbed formula in a spray bottle. It fits in your handbag, glove box, or medicine cabinet, and doesn’t have an unpleasant odor like other sprays.

Shipping Options: You can buy this potent spray directly from Ancient Minerals, but it’s also available on Amazon with free shipping.

Cost: An 8oz bottle of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Spray costs about $19.

Bottom Line: Ditch the capsules and annoying tablets and switch to chloride spray by Ancient Minerals. It’s the world’s #1 magnesium spray, and it really works!

14. Puritan’s Pride Magnesium

Puritan’s Pride is a brand with over 40 years in the business of crafting and selling high-quality supplements. The brand even features a 100% organic line of products you’ll want to check out if you want even higher quality.

Ingredients: Inside each easy-to-swallow caplet, you’ll find just one active ingredient: magnesium oxide. Each caplet contains 250 mg, but you can always upgrade to the 500 mg bottle if that’s not enough. There aren’t any extras, fillers, or other quality-reducing ingredients. Just raw, potent magnesium!

Shipping Options: You can buy Puritan’s Pride magnesium and dozens of other supplements for low prices on the company website. However, this product is also available on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.

Cost: A bottle of 100 caplets costs about $5. If you buy more than one bottle directly from Puritan’s Pride, you can get a discount of up to 75% per bottle! That’s 3 bottles for less than $8. If that’s not the best supplement deal out there, we don’t know what is!

Bottom Line: Puritan’s Pride is a brand worthy of respect and admiration. With over 40 years in the industry, they’ve perfected the art of producing high-quality supplements, and this magnesium supplement is one of the most affordable options you can find.

15. Vitacost Magnesium Citrate

Ingredients: Vitacost is one of the web’s top vitamin and supplement providers, and this magnesium citrate supplement carries its namesake with pride. Vitacost is committed to high-quality ingredients, and you’ll find only magnesium citrate in these tablets. Simple, effective, and clean—that’s the difference that Vitacost makes.

Shipping Options: You can buy Vitacost Magnesium Citrate directly from Vitacost, but you’ll have to pay shipping. Standard shipping speed costs about $4.99.

Cost: Each bottle of Vitacost Magnesium Citrate costs around $12 before shipping, and bottles contain 120 400 mg tablets.

Bottom Line: Vitacost is a household name in the industry, and now offers name-brand products with the same quality standards they’ve maintained for the brands sold on their site.

16. MagOX Magnesium

Ingredients: MagOx brings a potent, highly concentrated form of magnesium to the table for easy absorption and maximum efficacy. Each tablet is made from highly concentrated, pharmaceutical-grade magnesium. There are no fillers or other unnecessary ingredients—just magnesium.

Shipping Options: You can buy this product on Amazon and get free shipping with your order.

Cost: A bottle of 60 coated tablets will cost around $13 on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Highly concentrated magnesium makes for a more potent and effective dose for even the worst migraine or PMS symptoms.

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