Baseball Team 3rd StrikeouBaseball Team 3rd Strikeou

Unforgettable Championship Drama: Baseball Team Claims Title with a 3rd Strikeout

A pair of New York high school baseball teams experienced perhaps the strangest way to win a championship and the worst way to lose it.

Hornell was one hit away from closing out the game and winning the championship 5-4 over Palmyra-Macedon, which had runners on first and second base. Hornell got that last strike — on a pitch that the catcher failed to catch cleanly.

There was confusion on the field as the catcher appeared to reach out to the hitter who was running to first. The catcher looked back at the home plate umpire and then looked away as the umpire signaled “safe,” indicating no tag had been made. The hunter did not see the sign. Hornell began to celebrate. Pal-Mal kept running.

By the time Hornell realized what was going on – except for one player going crazy near second base, trying to get the attention of his teammates – Pall-Mal had both runners on first and second base. What started as a strikeout in the clinch turned into a strikeout.

It is unclear what, if any, the umpire indicated at first base. The home umpire’s own call may have been confusing with a complete strikeout. Regardless, this is another reminder for players of all ages: Make sure there can be no discrepancy as to whether you’ve done your job or not.

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