Current high school NIL rules in each of the 50 states (plus DC)

When the NCAA adopted the language a little over a year ago which allowed college athletes to monetize — or profit, as it was called — their name, image and likeness (NIL), it created a new chapter in amateur athletics that was as innovative as it was sometimes confusing.

Since then, we’ve seen NIL deals take shape at the NCAA level, with athletes singing endorsements we never thought possible. But the unknowns remain, and indeed only grow, as NO questions and curiosity were met by state rules and regulations that were anything but uniform.

What are the current name, image and likeness regulations in your state?

As expected, the differences make understanding or following the NIL guidelines much more complicated, where your state may not even allow such deals, but the school you’ll be attending does. Or in some cases the answer is …. unclear.

Based on data from Business of College Sportshere is the current list of NIL guidelines for all 50 states plus Washington, DC

(Updated: August 3, 2022)

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NIL Monetization: Unclear, per ASAA Rule 15.11.

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NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per FHSAA Rule 9.9.

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NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per GHSA Rule 1.90.

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NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per IHSA Rule 3.083.

(Photo: Spencer Tyree, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

NIL Monetization: Limited allowance, per KSHSAA Rule 21.

(Bryan Woolston/Special to Courier Journal.)

NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per KHSAA Rule 10.

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NIL Monetization: Allowed, para MPA Handbook.

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NIL Monetization: Allowed, para MSHSL 201.00 (amended June 2022).

(Photo: Chris Todd/for Clarion Ledger)

NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per MHSAA Rule 2.39

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NIL Monetization: Allowed, para NSAA Rule 3.7.1.

(Photo: Sherry Sacoliti)

NIL Monetization: Allowed, para NJSIAA.

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NIL Monetization: Allowed, para NDHSAA (amended June 2022).

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NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per OSSAA Rule 5.

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NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per OSAA Rule 8.4.

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NIL Monetization: vague, VPA Section 2.

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NIL Monetization: Unauthorized, VHSL 28B-2-3.

(Photo: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per WIAA Division III.C.

(AP Photo/Laramie Boomerang, Ben Woloshin)

NIL Monetization: Not allowed, per WHSAA Rule 5.7.1.

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