Fair or bad?  A U12 USA team player was called for missing home plate at a Grand Slam tournament

Let this be a warning to all baseball players: If you hit a dinger, be sure to touch home plate. And make sure everyone can see you did.

Team USA youth player Grayson Wyss hit a grand slam in U12 World Cup qualifying on Saturday, but was ruled out after opposing team Venezuela appealed that he did not touch home plate. On repeat that was he chirped from USA Baseball 12U’s account, Wuis was certainly on the far side of the plate, but it looks like he may have dropped his cleat as teammates celebrated around him:

We’ll let you be the judge.

A few thoughts though:

First, 18-16 in the bottom of the third feels like an absolutely absurd score. The future of baseball offense is bright.

Second, as someone who has never hit a grand slam at any level, let alone for Team USA at the age of 12, I personally think it’s lame for an opposing coach to appeal whether the toe of the hitter was at the plate or not. But I guess that’s why I’m not a coach.

Anyway, looking at the highlights from the Twitter account, this game was electric. Team USA took the lead before Venezuela tied the game at 20-20 in the top of the fifth; Ryder Serna hit a home run to regain the lead. In the top of the sixth, Venezuela led 24-22, creating a a moment of walking for the United States:

Funny enough, you can see the third base coach backing up players outside the plate – potentially to make sure the hitter has room – and then Boston Targac (a devilish name for a Team USA player) made sure to jump directly up the middle on the plate.

No appeal is necessary there. Team USA took the win 25-24. The States hit eight home runs in the game.

On Sunday, the USA beat Cuba 14-4.

Qualifiers are held every day until May 25, after which the semi-finals are on May 27 and the championship on May 28.

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