High School Esports 2023 'Hearthstone' Power Rankings: Inaugural Edition

The 2023 high school esports spring regular season has begun, with competitive gaming teams from across North America participating in head-to-head matches on PlayVS platform.


It’s an exciting Act 2 for USA TODAY High School Sports and PlayVS, which have created the first regional and state rankings of competitive games on the platform—ones officially recognized by NFHS network and state associations – in 2022.

As the competition moves into this year, we take a look at the best of the best, which now includes the best from each state/region.

Here is the starting Hearthstone Power Rankings for 2023

See the full state/regional rankings here

Benson Magnet High School (Nebson): Masquerade

East Kentwood High School (Michigan): East Kentwood High School

Organ Mountain High School: OMHS Hearthstone Varsity

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