The game was suspended after a brawl between two California girls basketball teams

In a stretch during a Maine Class AA regional semifinal that spanned less than an NBA shot clock, there were three separate shots that were potential game-winners before a fourth and final look nullified the rest.

Eleven points were scored in the final 20.9 seconds of Friday night’s game between Thornton Academy (Saco, Maine) and Bonnie Eagle (Standish, Maine). At the end and at the buzzer – maybe literally at the buzzer – Thornton Academy (Saco, Maine) won 51-50 on a Grant Hill to Christian-Lettner play.

Describing the details, which included a pair of one-and-one completions and a well-designed inbounds play that led to a quick three, doesn’t do the viewing justice. quick clip:

In the midst of frenzied excitement after the match, the only question the spectators had afterwards was whether the kick should have counted. You can judge after watching the clip.

However, Thornton Academy was unable to keep the magic. The night after the miraculous finale, the Trojans faced off against South Portland (Maine) High School for the regional title and a shot at the state championship. South Portland won 55-44.

Saturday’s state championship will pit South Portland against the team across the Fore River, Portland (Maine) High School, for a bridge battle under the most exciting of circumstances.

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