New Jersey Little League Rule: If you face a UMP, stand alone behind the plateNew Jersey Little League Rule

A New Jersey minor leaguer is telling unruly fans to put up or shut up.

The Deptford Township Little League implemented a new rule this season to combat the number of fan-umpire arguments. According to USA TODAY.

This comes as a result of the departure of two volunteer umpires in mid-to-late April, league president Don Bozuffi said WPVI.

“They are abused, they don’t need it… So they leave,” he told the TV station.

The dispute between parents and judges is by no means a new phenomenon, but the fighting seems to be getting worse in many areas. Bozufi said the goal of the rule is not to get parents to start calling baseball games, but instead to let them see how difficult the job is.

For added measure, if the rule forces a spectator to call the game, a certified referee will also attend the game to ensure the calls are correct.

Perhaps fans will see that their usual perspective from the stands is not as accurate as that of an umpire behind the plate.

“They think the call was bad, which always amazes me that they can see a hit better there than the umpire can throw them a foot behind them,” Botsuffi said.

WPVI reported that people generally like the rule. Botsufi said the kids are excited about it and even some parents are looking forward to its implementation.

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