The NCAA's big changes to recruiting rules, calendar starts June 1st

The NCAA is making significant changes to how colleges recruit high school athletes.

One of the significant changes is the move to 33 “evaluation days” from September to November for most student-athletes and athletes from service academies, who receive 42 days. Designated staff members may only conduct off-campus visits to these prospects.

Another big item is removing the limit on the number of calls school staff can make to prospects during certain contact periods. However, schools are limited to eight in-person off-campus contacts per junior and senior year, and no more than one per week. There will also be no contact allowed prior to January 1 of the athlete’s junior year.

The NCAA said in a statement, H/T Football Scoop.

“Football’s comprehensive recruiting model would change the FBS and FCS recruiting calendars; adjust the first date for sending recruitment materials, e-mails and phone calls; allow personal contact outside the college with high school students; reducing off-campus recruiting activities; and in the Football Championship division to change grades on campus.’

These changes are due to take effect on June 1. You can find comprehensive information list of new rules here.

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