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Sunday Scaries was not started by a corporation or in a boardroom or with venture capital money. In 2017, Sunday Scaries was started by two entrepreneurs, Beau Schmitt and Mike Sill, who raised $30,000 from friends and family because they wanted to share the incredible benefits they had personally experienced from taking CBD.

In 2017, CBD wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t newsworthy, and it certainly wasn’t trendy. But CBD helped Beau & Mike so much with their daily worries that they decided to risk everything to help others. Since its inception, Sunday Scaries has been dedicated to one thing: making sure people don’t feel alone in their daily battles against stress and anxiety.

Fast forward 4 years and Sunday Scaries has become one of the most respected, trusted and fun CBD brands out there. And they are our #1 recommendation to enjoy a healthy, contract-free, monthly CBD subscription package.

Sunday scary CBD Subscription Reviews:

Meet Sarah. She is a beautiful 35-year-old woman who has just completed her Masters in Healthcare Management. She is also a stay at home mom with an amazing and energetic 6 year old daughter.

Sunday scary: What did you think of CBD?

Sarah: “If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll get this: Imagine you’re in a room with someone talking to you, you’re trying to do a simple task at the same time, like cooking dinner, and the TV is coming into the other room really loud and you can feel your anxiety start to rise. CBD to me is like someone turning the TV off. It allows me to just be. There is no feeling of madness, but more of a calming or reduced feeling of anxiety.

Sunday Scaries: How CBD Helped?

Sarah: “I was able (with my doctor’s agreement) to stop taking all anxiety medications. It allows me to enjoy my days with my daughter without feeling overmedicated, tired or dizzy.”

Sunday Scaries: What CBD products do you use now and how often?

Sarah: “I currently use Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Tincture in the morning, as well as Sunday Scaries CBD Chews on days when I’m super high. I really want to try the bath bombs too, I love the idea of ​​complete relaxation!”

Why Monthly CBD Subscriptions?

There’s a reason Sunday Scaries haven’t ventured into retail stores yet… because they’d lose that special, direct line of communication with customers that they value so much.

That’s why they’ve always focused on e-commerce based monthly subscriptions. They want to make sure that their products are the freshest and that their customers are always happy, satisfied and have experienced the value and relief they are paying for.

Sunday Scaries also believes that taking CBD regularly increases its effectiveness. According to Health linethere are 5 main reasons why CBD doesn’t work for people.

  1. The CBD product is not from a reputable source
  2. CBD needs to build up in your system
  3. People need to give CBD more time to work
  4. People need a different delivery system for their CBD
  5. It’s just not for you

Sunday Scaries won 1-4. Unfortunately, if CBD just isn’t for you, then they wish you the best on your journey.

Benefits of the Sunday Scary CBD Subscription

Because promoting a stress-free and worry-free lifestyle is ingrained in the Sunday Scaries company culture, they make ordering monthly subscriptions just as carefree.

Benefits of a Sunday Scaries CBD monthly subscription include:

  1. Enjoy trusted, award-winning and effective CBD products
  2. Get an extra 20% off all products
  3. 100% free shipping on all orders
  4. No contracts, cancel anytime
  5. 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee
  6. 97% customer satisfaction rating: always handled internally (no robots)
  7. Discreet, hassle-free monthly shipments to your front door
  8. Plus, Squad access to new products and additional promotions

Special offer

Stress sucks. And with 2020 in the rearview mirror, we’re firmly focused on reclaiming our mental health and everyday well-being.

Enjoy an extra 20% off all CBD products and subscriptions with code: DSC20.

Imagine a super stressful day tamed within 30 minutes of taking some CBD oil or tasty little chews.

  • How much more could you do?
  • How would it feel to have a clear and focused mind?
  • How would it feel to not be on the verge of change?
  • What would it feel like to have a calm, uninterrupted mind before bed?

As mentioned, Sunday Scaries has always offered a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If you’re a number 5 and CBD just isn’t for you, then it’s not a big deal. Sunday Scaries will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Sunday Scaries is about stress relief, not stress inducing. And that’s why they’re our #1 choice for automating your daily “chill out” and relaxation with a simple, monthly CBD package.

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