Watch: Texas HS catcher under investigation for throwing at batters' heads

A catcher for the McCamey High School (Texas) softball team is under investigation after she appeared to throw opponents’ heads twice in one playoff game.

The following video was shared by Dustin Ferguson, the father of one of the Cisco (Texas) batters who was nailed by the catcher. It went viral.

No one was ejected from the game on either occasion.

Following a public outcry, the University of Texas Interscholastic League shared the following statement with KMID regarding the incidents – on CBS Sports:

“The University of Texas Interscholastic League is aware of an incident that occurred during the McCamey vs. Cisco Softball playoff series and is in contact with school administration to gather additional information.”

There are other reports showing that this catcher has done the same thing in other games multiple times.

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